Liver Cake

I rather stupidly mentioned liver cake recently but failed to provide a recipe for it. There are many variations and most of them are similar to each other, but one more resource isn’t going to break the internet any more than Ms Kardashian’s bottom did.

Liver cake is regarded by dogs as a ‘high value’ treat so should only be used when you need to make a breakthrough of some kind. It will keep, sealed up in the freezer, for 3 months.

I recommend that, if you have small children, you cook it while they’re elsewhere. My grandchildren have walked around my house holding their noses on a number of occasions.


500g ox liver
500g self raising flour
3 eggs


2 tsps dried rosemary


Break the eggs into a measuring jug
Add an equal volume of water to the measuring jug and whisk
Blend the liver in a food processor with the rosemary, if used
Add the egg mixture and blend to a thick cream consistency
Empty contents into a large pre-greased baking tray
Cook at 180 degrees (or 350F) for 40 mins (if it isn’t firm, bake for a further 5 mins)
Cool it in the tray
Cut into 16 blocks and freeze separately. Once frozen they can all go into the same bag

Take out a block first thing in the morning for afternoon training, or defrost in the fridge overnight for a morning session. Break off corners as you go, but do use a ziplock bag or similar to keep the scent off your clothes or any pouch that you use. If you rub a pouch lightly with a menthol-based rub (as for muscular pain) it should deter your dog from bouncing at you for more liver cake because most of them hate the smell.


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