With over 40 years of dog ownership behind me I know a thing or two about how dogs tick. Obedience is not their natural state, they are thinking beings in their own right so, from time to time, your views and those of your dog will not be in harmony. This little site aims to help you understand the needs of your dog and to adjust your own behaviour to get the best from your dog.

Dog training is not my first career, just like you I have had to learn how to train my dogs and been taught, mainly by them, what works and what most definitely does not. All the methods I use are kind, respectful and positive. Dogs will tolerate a lot of horrible behaviour but they will not thrive nor will you bring out the best in your dog by yelling at them, smacking them or dishing out rough treatment. A quiet kind hand will get you much further and faster when training your dog. Dogs live in the moment they have a lot to teach us about mindfulness and honesty, so part of what you learn with me will be about listening and watching your dog’s moods so you get better training outcomes.

The Team