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Whether you are getting a new puppy, a rescue dog or want some help with your dog this is the book for you!

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Loads of help from choosing the breed through to early training, how dogs behave and methods to get the best from your new pal.


Get Started The Right Way

Dog Training from the Experts using your dog’s natural attention span

clock6 Minute Training

Dog training sessions using short bursts of activity to suit the dog’s attention span

homeTraining at Home

No more time consuming lessons needed, you can train and socialise your dog at home, in the park and out on walks in your own time.

keyAccess Training Secrets

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and many trainers focus just on behaviour. This little book offers guidance and help on the things most trainers never discuss with you but you need to know!

Easy to use Dog Training Book!

Just £5.00

Dinah and Mike focus on the main things you need to know, what to expect from your dog, why running with your pup is not a good idea, all the things most trainers don’t discuss with you!

Whistles and ClickerWhat works best?

 Worried about clickers, whistles and other gadgets? We tell you what and how these are used.

Want to know how much time your dog will take to train, look after and need in general? We answer everything from numbers of poo bags to what food to avoid.

Head CollarWorried about head collars?

We take you through what and how to use them and when to stop using them

Scaling FencesSome dogs need large fences

We tell you what to expect from your dog and how to keep your dog safe.

_RMP1980Training is for life

Tip One – You never stop training your dog, they need lessons at 8 weeks through to 15 years old and beyond.




Just £5.00